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go falcons!

Constantine Public Schools


go falcons!

Constantine Public Schools

go falcons!

Constantine Public Schools

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Game Summary

2.0 years ago @ 1:11PM

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Hackett Catholic Prep HS School

Game Date
May 19, 2021

 The Falcons showed their true heart against the Irish of Kalamazoo Hackett Prep on Wednesday May 19, 2021.  It was senior night so there was an energy in the air unlike the previous games and the Falcons were ready to go.

From kick off Constantine was aggressive and got two quick attacks on the Irish one run ended in a corner kick.  Freshman Amaya Walker [28] launched a ball into the center of the 18, it got deflected back out towards Walker who drove a laser shot past the Irish keeper and for her first career goal at 2:57.  In a quick return hustle play Kylie Roberts won a ball and worked it up into her power range and the Falcons got their second goal at 3:23.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes the Falcons defended their hearts out.  Led by Junior Sweeper Emilee Miller, they kept the Irish away from the Goal for the first 13 minutes until their first allow. Another Irish attack ended in a goal which tied the match 2-2.  A free kick in the 28th minute from Kylie Roberts pulled the Falcons again up over the Irish at 3-2.  Alyssa Parmer was resilient in the first half with 10 star saves, 3 were diving saves with opposition contact.

Going into the Second half up 3-2 the Falcons got a hefty pep talk about responsibility and tactful defensive play so they could hold the lead.  As well as plenty of water, this was the first game played in over 75°heat.  An injury paused the game in the second half which thankfully allowed another water break.  The second half was quiet until The Irish pulled together an attack in the 52nd minute that resulted in a tie game [3-3] and another goal in the 58th that lifted them over the Falcons, but not for long.  Leah Dumm exploded from her holding mid spot to the right flank running onto a scramble of quick passes from Mary Moore and Erika Martinez.  Dumm being defended by an Irish back and dribbled inside the 18 then ripped a hard shot in the corner that brought the game to a closing tie 4-4 at 61 minutes.  The rest of the time was a hard fought defensive match.  The Constantine Defense held together by Alyssa Parmer completed a masterful performance by the Falcons and Irish.  A true Nail – Biter and powerful exhibit of the progress of the Falcon girls’ soccer Program.

See the Falcon’s take on Buchanan in their First District Game on May 26, 2021 at the Falcon Field! Come and cheer on your Lady Falcon soccer team.



A.PARMER [37] Senior: 17 saves 4 allowed

K.Roberts [10] Senior: 2 goals, 4 sogs

L.Dumm [9] Senior: 1 goal, 1 sog

A.Walker [28] Freshman: 1 goal, 1 sog

G.Hofmeister [3] Senior, T.Roberts [7] Freshman: 1 SOG all